Flashing traffic warning light

Flashing traffic warning lights highlighting pedestrian crossings and icy parts on roads or signalling the gateway of fire trucks in case of an emergency call out.

  • flashing warning lights with ø210mm (ZEL-210/x) or ø300mm (ZEL-300/x), delivery of assembled lights with a sun protection hood
  • the signal heads are made of polycarbonate – low weight, high material strength, resistance against UV rays, long service life
  • the delivery includes a mounting kit for attaching the flashing warning light on a pole or wall, another use if for leading the supply cable into the signal head
  • colour variants of the flashing warning lights – red, yellow
  • traffic lights are approved for use on roads according to EN 12368

For your order please specify the colour of the warning light and the symbols on the light lenses (e.g. pedestrian, snow flake).

Technical data

Power supply 230V/50Hz
Flashing frequency 60/min.


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