VMS warning trailer ZSP-1.1_01 LED R25 48x48RGB+48x64W

Other sizes and parameters of the LED boards as well as full-colour RGB version available upon request

VMS warning trailer for flexible indication of road works is primarily used on highways and dual carriageways. The high intensity LEDs and high-quality optics enable very good visibility in all weather conditions. This warning LED trailer is also described as Traffic device of advance warning, Variable message sign trailer or VMS trailer.

  • strong one-axle trailer with hand brake, hot-dip galvanized
  • height adjustable overrun device with replaceable coupling device for ball ø50mm or as accessories pin DIN ø40mm or ø50mm
  • four side supports for stability while standing
  • trailer LED lighting with a 7-pin plug that can be connected to the towing vehicle with 12V as well as 24V onboard voltage
  • the trailer has no loading area, it has a lockable battery box (WxHxL) 400x350x1660mm for two batteries with a capacity of up to 12V/230Ah
  • recharging socket on the side of the battery box and 5m charging cable with plug
  • LED boards can be lifted/lowered by a linear actuator that has a bolt enabling manual lifting or lowering in case of failure or emergency, the LED board frame is secured against wind pressure in the operating position


  • both the upper and the lower LED boards contain high-intensity LEDs and high-quality optics with anti-static lens
  • LED boards are approved according to EN 12966-1
  • the upper LED board consists of full-colour RGB LEDs 48x48pixel, 25mm pixel pitch, maximum size of symbol 1200x1200mm, the lower LED board consists of full-colour RGB LEDs 48x64pixel, 25mm pixel pitch, maximum size of symbol 1200x1600mm
  • LED luminous intensity is controlled automatically depending on the surrounding light or it can be controlled manually
  • wireless (radio) remote control with graphic display shows all operational information, it can also be connected with cable
  • symbols on both LED boards are user programmable, new symbols or texts can easily be created and uploaded into the device
  • total capacity of the system is 1500 traffic sign symbols, other symbols or texts
  • every symbol and animation can be combined with every text
  • to attract more attention, the symbols can be flashing 15-60 times a minute, two symbols can alternate, or a simple animation can be displayed

Trailer variants

  • remote monitoring and controlling of the trailer via GPRS and GPS location tracking
  • power supply from fuel cell battery charger
  • total weight of the unbraked trailer can be between 550kg and 750kg
  • trailer also available with overrun device where the total weight can be between 550kg and 1000kg
  • one full-sized spare wheel



Technical data

Total weight 750kg
Trailer weight 495kg
Payload 255kg
Overall lenght 4450mm
Overall width 1700mm
Transport height 1700mm
Operational height 3985mm


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