Lamps according to EN 12352

Categories of warning lamps and their use in road traffic in the Czech Republic according to the EN 12352 Traffic control equipment - Warning and safety light devices and TP66 standards.

Category Use Examples of traffic devices and systems

EN 12352 L8H

lamp ø180mm
Transverse caps
(on direction markers, traffic signs)
Mobile closure panels category I and II
Light arrows
Flashing boards
Traffic cones (advance warning)

EN 12352 L8M

lamp ø180mm
Lengthwise caps
(on direction markers)

EN 12352 L6

lamp ø180mm
Caps on pavements
(on pavements and cycle tracks)
Lengthwise caps
(on barriers, fences and railings)

EN 12352 L9H

lamp ø300mm
Mobile closure panels category I and II
Advance warning systems
Traffic signs on highway panels