Marking of road and highway construction sites

Full range of products for marking road and highway construction sites

Warning trailers

Warning trailers for highways

Accessories for highways trailers

Advance warning trailers

Advance warning LED trailers

Warning trailers for other roads

Accessories for other roads trailers

Special purpose trailers

Sequential lamp sets

Large warning lamps sets

Small warning lamps sets

Battery boxes

Light arrows and lightbars

Light arrows SS15

Light arrows SS13

Light arrows SS8

Collapsible light arrows

Special portable bases


Warning lamps for roads

Flashing boards with twin lamp

Traffic cones with lamps

Warning lamps


Advance warning lamps

Guiding systems and base plates

Delineator panels

Base plates

Guidance indicators Klemmfix

Guide curbs and bases Klemmfix

Collapsible indicators Klemmfix

Small guidance indicators

Traffic cones

Flexible bollards