Our LED lamp

Products with the new HIT-LEDIX-200 lamps powered by battery keep flashing up to 6 times longer than products supplied from halogen lamps. This means significantly lower maintenance, operating and battery replacement costs!


Crash cushion VECU-STOP

Crash cushion VECU-STOP – available in direct and angled V version – was designed to enhance the passive safety of road traffic, such as at highway exits and as a bridge pier protection.


Parking stops for parking lots

Parking stops available in various lengths and colours are especially suitable for parking lots or parking houses.


Direction marker HIT arrow 60/60

This new universal direction marker enables you to save maintenance cost and reduce your stock. If one side of the marker is damaged it just takes to turn it and use the other side.


Variable traffic signs

The main advantage is an easy and fast exchange of symbols, very good visibility and low power consumption. High flexibility of this systems allows to show all kinds of traffic signs including images and text.

Warning trailer ZSP-1.1 LED

Mobile information board (advance-warning system) for flexible indication of road construction works.