Variable message signs LED VMS

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Variable message signs VMS are modern devices for regulating and directing traffic on roads and in tunnels and for informing drivers in real time. With one or more symbols formed by LED light points on a black background. Another use of this technology is for "Devices for operational information" displaying messages for drivers. Main advantages are its simple and fast changing of symbols, significantly higher visibility of the traffic sign and low power consumption.

  • the traffic signs contain high-intensity LEDs and are approved according to EN 12966-1 and EN 12899-1 for use on roads
  • LED diodes are supplied by low current, which guarantees a long life of the traffic sign preserving its optical parameters for many years
  • LED luminous intensity is controlled automatically depending on the surrounding light or it can be controlled manually
  • faulty LEDs detection
  • text can be displayed at various text sizes
  • sizes of the traffic signs as well as supply voltage can be designed upon your request


  • variable message signs and devices for operational information on highways
  • flexible and highly visible warning of dangerous situations on roads
  • variable message signs for tunnels and in car parks
  • higher safety for pedestrian crossings





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