Our LED lamp L8H


HIT-LEDIX-200 specifications:

Supply voltage 12/24V=
Number of LED 3
Current consumption continuous light
12V= 250mA
24V= 80mA
Dimensions (øxD) 205x140mm
Weight 530g


Clearly best signalling LED lamp in its category!

Increased power efficiency:
6 times lower energy consumption as compared to halogen lamp with 20W light bulb

More economical:
Much longer lifetime without need to replace the light bulbs

More reliable:
Enhanced resistance to temperature fluctuations and vibrations

No risk of the bulb glass breaking or getting burnt from the warmth

Specially designed optics with high optical efficiency and new LED technology

The lamp complies with the EN 12352 standard, category L8H. The lamp can be used on highways, expressways and other road categories.

Products with the new HIT-LEDIX-200 lamps powered by battery keep flashing up to 6 times longer than products supplied by halogen lamps. This means significantly lower maintenance, operating and battery replacement costs!