Warning radio transmitter VRV-CB-04_00

Modern certified device for more road safety in road traffic

Warning trailers, maintenance vehicles (e.g. road sweepers, gritters or mowing machines), traffic cones etc. can be equipped with a warning radio transmitter. This device sends warning messages in the direction of incoming vehicles up to a distance of approx. 500 meters. At a truck speed of 80km/h, the drivers still have enough reaction time to avoid a possible accident. The warning messages can be heard on the channels of Citizens Band (CB) radios used by truck and lorry drivers.

  • the warning radio transmitter VRV-CB-04 sends messages in different languages on four CB channels simultaneously
  • the warning message consists of an acoustic signal and the voice message "Attention! Dangerous place!", which are repeated regularly
  • if attached to a warning trailer, the radio transmitter is automatically switched on when the board is lifted and switched off when it is lowered
  • if the radio transmitter is attached to a maintenance vehicle, it is switched on and off by means of a switch with an indicator lamp in the operator's cab
  • the indicator lamps on the transmitter housing are used to visually check the function
  • the radio transmitter can be switched on for 3 minutes using the "TEST" button underneath the housing
  • moreover, the electronics include reverse polarity protection and protect the battery from deep discharge
  • the radio messages can be sent from 40 CB channels with FM or AM modulation


  • for more safety, more drivers can receive the messages at the same time by connecting two radio transmitters and thus transmitting messages on eight channels in up to eight languages
  • in order to avoid unnecessary annoyance for drivers in long traffic jams, a radar can be added to the warning radio transmitter, which switches off the messages at speeds of incoming vehicles less than 30km/h

Technical data

Power supply 12/24V=
Average consumption 12V= 0,6A
Protection degree IP55
Weight 4kg


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