Warning trailer ZSP-1.1_01 Triangl

Trailer with the two warning lights VLSU-2 LED supplied from battery 12V/180Ah keeps flashing non-stop for up to 10 days

Warning trailer for flexible indication of road works is primarily used on highways and dual carriageways. This warning trailer is also described as Traffic device of advance warning.

  • strong one-axle trailer with hand brake, hot-dip galvanized
  • height adjustable overrun device with replaceable coupling device for ball ø50mm or as accessories pin DIN ø40mm or ø50mm
  • four side supports for stability while standing
  • trailer lighting with a 7-pin plug that can be connected to the towing vehicle with 12V onboard voltage
  • the trailer has no loading area, it has a lockable battery box (WxHxL) 745x360x365mm for one battery with a capacity of up to 12V/230Ah
  • the board can be lifted by a lifting rod supported by gas springs while secured against wind pressure in the operating position


  • warning lights switch on automatically once the board is lifted
  • changeable retroreflective traffic sign IP18 (class RA2) comprises of three rotary triangular prisms
  • traffic signs B20a 80 and 100km/h (class RA2)

Trailer variants

  • traffic signs can be modified according to national standards
  • total weight of the unbraked trailer can be between 550kg and 750kg
  • trailer also available with overrun device where total weight can be between 550kg and 1000kg
  • one full-sized spare wheel

Technical data

Total weight 750kg
Trailer weight 443kg
Payload 307kg
Overall lenght 4450mm
Overall width 1700mm
Transport height 1750mm
Operational height 3765mm


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