Lamp set MINI-LS-3 LED

The MINI set of LED lamps supplied from battery 12V/180Ah keeps flashing nonstop for up to 75 days

The MINI lamp set is a set of three lamps connected by cables for guiding traffic in crosswise as well as lengthwise closures of up to 20m on roads.

  • 3 LED lamps ø200mm EN 12352 L8H
  • the controlling lamp with the supply cable includes electronics, which control the other lamps connected to it, so that they get switched on and off from the direction of the controlling lamp
  • at night, electronics automatically reduce luminous intensity, to provide better orientation the lamps also have a backlight
  • moreover, the electronics include reverse polarity protection and protect the battery from deep discharge
  • 5m power supply cable with battery clips, 10m length between each lamp
  • the lamps can be attached to a profile of ø43mm or 40x40mm

Technical data

Power supply 12/24V=
Current consumption 12V= day 0,16A     night 0,04A
Average consumption 12V= 2,37Ah / 24 hours
Current consumption 24V= day 0,09A     night 0,02A
Average consumption 24V= 1,33Ah / 24 hours
Weight 3,9kg


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