Portable traffic lights MSS-HIT-1_01 LED

Battery of 12V/180Ah can supply the LED traffic lights for up to 21 days

Portable traffic lights managing traffic if only one driving lane cane be used. The primary set has a timing system based on an accurate clock unit by Quartz. A programming device with a backlit LCD display enables to set and synchronise the traffic lights, further it also displays operational information and the state of the traffic lights. The synchronisation is done by connecting it to one and then the other traffic lights, which does not take more than a few minutes.

  • LED signal heads ø210mm comply with EN 12368
  • the programming device monitors and indicates if all LEDs are functioning, the mode is automatically changed to yellow should the red light LED be out of order
  • QUARTZ microprocessor control electronics
  • setting and synchronisation by a portable programming device, at the same time protection against unauthorised use
  • upon entering the length of the shuttle lane and the speed of driving through it, the system automatically calculates the time period of the red (green) light; alternatively, it is possible to set all parameters individually
  • electronics automatically reduce light luminous intensity at night
  • moreover, the electronics include reverse polarity protection and protect the battery from deep discharge


  • length of the shuttle lane (closure) from 20 to 1000m
  • red period between 3 and 1000 seconds
  • green period between 10 and 1000 seconds
  • settable speed limits for driving through the shuttle lane from 15 to 80km/h
  • repeated synchronisation is not necessary after a battery change thanks to a backup power supply
  • power supply from 12V= battery, average current consumption 0,35A, battery of 12V/180Ah can supply the device for up to 21 days
  • portable base with a battery box for one battery with a capacity of up to 12V/230Ah

Possible uses of the traffic lights

Long-term use

An accurate long-term operation of the traffic lights without a necessary re-synchronisation can be achieved by connecting the traffic lights by cable. Another practical feature is that setting and synchronisation can be done from one place.

Dynamic traffic management

This is a new function in traffic management responding to the traffic density in both directions of the closure. Passing vehicles are monitored by radar sensors preferring the direction with the higher density of traffic. The dynamic traffic management only functions when the traffic lights use a cable or a radio connection.

Minimization of costs

For long-term use, it is practical to add a battery charger using electricity (e.g. from the street light) to the battery, then the regular change of batteries is not necessary. It is primarily used in combination with the cable or radio connection of traffic lights, which guarantees an accurate operation over a long period of time.


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1-250-021180 Programming unit for MS-HIT-1_01 pc. Price inquiry
1-250-092000 Mobile base with battery box for MS_01 pc. Price inquiry

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