Machinery transport trailer TPM-27.2S_01

Trailer is also available without the warning board only for the transport of machinery

Machinery transport trailer with warning board for indicating road works and for transporting small vibratory rollers, excavators and other road work machinery. This warning trailer with flashing arrow is also described as Traffic device Z7 – Mobile road closure sign type II.

  • strong two-axle trailer with overrun device and hand brake, hot-dip galvanized
  • height adjustable overrun device with replaceable coupling device for ball ø50mm or as accessories pin DIN ø40mm or ø50mm
  • full-size spare wheel
  • loading ramp lifted with the support of gas springs
  • two side supports for stability and safety while loading machinery
  • trailer LED lighting with a 13-pin plug that can be connected to the towing vehicle with 12V as well as 24V onboard voltage
  • loading area of water-resistant anti-slip plywood with 400mm solid side walls
  • four lashing rings to tie the loaded machinery
  • loading ramp and flooring are covered by anti-slip cast rubber
  • battery box (WxHxL) 600x300x330mm for battery of up to 12V/230Ah


  • two-part retroreflective warning board (WxH) 1700x2500mm, red and white stripes 300mm wide (class RA2) with the blue round traffic sign ø900mm (class RA2), and a manually rotatable white arrow
  • the upper board can be lifted by a lifting rod supported by gas springs while secured against wind pressure in the operating position
  • the warning board has two positions: frontal transport position leaving enough space for the loaded machinery and rear operating position where it forms a compact retroreflective warning board, the board can be moved easily between both positions

Trailer variants

  • traffic signs can be modified according to national standards
  • total weight of the braked trailer can be between 1500kg and 2700kg



Technical data

Total weight 2700kg
Trailer weight 1000kg
Payload 1700kg
Overall lenght 5550mm
Overall width 1990mm
Transport height 2450mm
Operational height 3460mm
Loading area (WxL) 1495x3220mm


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1-050-003500 Machinery transport trailer TPM-27.2S_01 pc. Price inquiry
1-040-008010 Warning board NZSP-1.1_10 movable pc. Price inquiry

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