NZSP-1_01 Light arrow SS13-L LED

Trailer with the light arrow SS13-L LED supplied from one battery 12V/180Ah keeps flashing non-stop for up to 6 days

Light arrow is a set to be installed on warning boards for indicating road works. This light arrow is also described as Light arrow and cross type B, warning arrow or signalling arrow.

  • 2 warning LED lamps ø300mm EN 12352 L9H
  • 13 LED lamps ø200mm EN 12352 L8H
  • electronics automatically reduce lamp luminous intensity at night and includes reverse polarity protection
  • moreover, the electronics protect the battery from deep discharge by disconnecting the light arrow symbols and possibly also the upper warning lamps depending on the current battery status
  • the light arrow symbols are switched on automatically depending on the position of the white arrow on the blue round traffic sign
  • the light arrow has the following modes: arrow to the left, arrow to the right and cross

Technical data

Power supply 12/24V=
Current consumption 12V= day 1,76A     night 0,65A
Average consumption 12V= 30Ah / 24 hours
Current consumption 24V= day 1,0A     night 0,37A
Average consumption 24V= 16,3Ah / 24 hours
Flashing frequency 60/min.
Weight 15kg


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