Truck mounted attenuator HIT TMA-100

significantly reduces the risk of injuries for passengers of the crashed vehicle and the driver of the vehicle with TMA

Truck mounted attenuator for indicating road works on highways and dual carriageways.  This truck mounted attenuator with crash cushion and flashing arrow is also described as Traffic device Z7 – Mobile road closure sign type I, warning crash absorber or mobile crash cushion. The crash cushion works by absorbing the kinetic energy and is designed to reduce the risk of injuries for passengers  of the crashed vehicle and the driver of the vehicle with TMA. It provides more safety for drivers, the maintenance vehicle and the workers.

  • supporting frame carrying the warning board and crash cushion, hot-dip galvanized
  • the crush cushion is for a crash at a speed of 100km/h, approved according to NCHRP350
  • opening and closing of the crash cushion is done by hydraulic cylinders
  • the truck mounted attenuator is attached on the back frame of the carrying vehicle by a special holder, to achieve proper functioning the weight of the vehicle with the TMA must be at least 9000kg
  • simple mounting and dismounting of the TMA on the vehicle using a fork-lift
  • TMA lighting with a 15-pin plug that can be connected to the towing vehicle with 24V onboard voltage  


  • two-part retroreflective warning board (WxH) 2200x3600mm, red and white stripes 500mm (class RA2) with the blue round traffic sign ø1500mm (class RA2) and a motor-driven rotatable arrow

Truck mounted attenuators variants

  • traffic signs can be modified according to national standards


Technical data

Total weight 1010kg
Transport lenght 1120mm
Operational lenght 3850mm
Overall width 2300mm
Overall height 3990mm


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