Wireless remote control SS25-1_02 RADIO

Useful especially when the towing vehicle is changed frequently

This wireless remote control enables full control of the warning board just like a wired remote control.

  • all functions and checks are identical with the wired remote control
  • average range up to 100m
  • status of the battery in the wireless control is well indicated, battery life in the remote control about 10 days
  • battery can be charged from the car cigarette lighter of a car with an on-board voltage both 12V and 24V via a charging cable
  • wireless remote control can also be used via cable connected to the warning board, at the same time it recharges the battery
  • it is not necessary to interconnect the wired remote control with the driver´s cabin via cable
  • this accessory item is for use with the new product only, but it is possible to add the wireless remote control also to the older product upon request


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