NZSP-10_01 Light arrow SS25-L LED

Trailer with the light arrow SS25-L LED supplied from one battery 12V/180Ah keeps flashing non-stop for up to 5 days

Light arrow is a set to be installed on warning boards for indicating road works. This light arrow is also described as Light arrow and cross type A, warning arrow or signalling arrow.

  • 2 warning LED lamps ø300mm EN 12352 L9H
  • 25 LED lamps ø200mm EN 12352 L8H
  • electronics automatically reduce lamp luminous intensity at night and includes reverse polarity protection
  • moreover, the electronics protect the battery from deep discharge by disconnecting the light arrow symbols and possibly also the upper warning lamps depending on the current battery status, the user is informed by an alarm indicating that the lamps were disconnected
  • the white arrow on the blue round traffic sign is motor-driven but can be rotated manually in case of failure or emergency
  • thanks to a signalling system, the driver of the towing vehicle can check the functioning of the symbols in the rear mirror
  • remote control with 15m cable for control and optical check of the function modes
  • the remote control includes a voltmeter showing the battery voltage by indicators
  • all operational information are clearly displayed on the remote control and the user is also informed by a sound alarm
  • the light arrow has the following modes: arrow to the left, arrow to the right and cross
  • in the standard set, the light arrow is supplied with one battery

Technical data

Power supply 12/24V=
Current consumption 12V= day 2,4A     night 0,65A
Average consumption 12V= 37Ah / 24 hours
Current consumption 24V= day 1,36A     night 0,36A
Average consumption 24V= 20,7Ah / 24 hours
Flashing frequency 60/min.
Weight 32kg


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