Power supply - Solar cell SP-80

Enables a long-term maintenance-free operation of the device without electricity network

Set for powering RadarDisplays from solar cells, if no other energy source is available.

  • contains a set with a solar cell and a regulator for battery recharge
  • solar cells are placed on a pole by a special bracket, with the possibility of setting
  • this device does not require any electricity supply point
  • available with a 12V timer enabling to switch the device off and on in set time spans and according to days of the week


Information necessary for designing a solar cell supply:

  1. What is the average consumption of the connected device or which type of the RadarDisplay is it?
  2. What is the required operation time within 24 hours and what is traffic density?
  3. What kind of buildings are around the place where the radar is positioned? Ideally, the solar cells are placed with direct orientation to the south and avoiding any shade. In other cases, if possible at all, more solar cells are to be used at the same time.


Order no. Product name Quantity
1-910-502030 Power supply - Solar cell SP-80 pc. Price inquiry
1-920-002010 NZ-SP - Post dia.76mm 3/4m pc. Price inquiry
2-160-800910 Plastic cap for post dia.76/3-4 pc. Price inquiry

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