RadarDisplay RD-230

Works psychologically and influences the observance of speed limits

RadarDisplay shows the actual speed of the vehicles. The devices shows to the drivers their speed or informs others about the speed of the passing vehicle in ideal conditions at 100m distance in front of the radar. To be used especially at places where speed limits apply or at places where it comes to many accidents. Provides higher safety at places with many pedestrians, e.g. pedestrian crossings in front of kindergartens, schools and hospitals.

  • digit height 230mm consisting of 2 rows of high-intensity amber LEDs, the front cover maintains the high visibility of LED at intense sunshine
  • LED luminous intensity is automatically reduced at night
  • speed can be measured and displayed in the range 10-199km/h, accuracy +/-2%
  • a battery of 12V/12Ah can supply the RadarDisplay for about 5 days
  • dimensions of the warning board (WxH) 550x400mm


The RadarDisplay delivery contains a battery charger, a battery and brackets for fixing on a pole using a steel clamping tape.

The power supply is normally from public lighting, but it is possible to supply from battery only.

Upon request, if no other energy source is available, the radar can be powered by photovoltaic cells.


Technical data

Power supply 12V=
Dimensions (WxHxL) 550x400x210mm
Protection degree IP55
Weight 14,1kg


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1-300-001000 RadarDisplay RD-230 pc. Price inquiry

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