SR - Supplementary lamps PS-2

Supplementary lamps is a set to be installed on lightbars. Supplementary lamps flash in the opposite direction than the lightbar.

  • 2 halogen lamps ø200mm EN 12352 L8H
  • to all types of lightbars, supplementary lamps can be attached to both side lamps
  • supplementary lamps are flashing simultaneously with the lamps on the sides

Technical data for consumption refer to the supplementary lamps only.

Technical data

Power supply 12/24V=
Current consumption 12V= day 1,26A     night 0,76A
Average consumption 12V= 24Ah / 24 hours
Current consumption 24V= day 0,71A     night 0,43A
Average consumption 24V= 13,6Ah / 24 hours
Weight 2,5kg


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