Variable message signs LED for greater safety

Properly placed and set VMS provides higher safety of traffic

Variable message signs VMS also provide higher safety, for example, near pedestrian crossings, schools, dangerous places or traffic restrictions.

  • the traffic sign speed limit 50km/h placed, for example, in a town, gets activated by every approaching vehicle
  • the traffic sign "speed limit 50km/h" placed, for example, in a town gets activated by every vehicle approaching at a higher speed than allowed
  • low underpass can be signalled to drives if the height of their vehicle exceeds the maximum height for safe passing
  • for road closures, it is suitable to switch on the “road works” sign, and if the approaching vehicle exceeds the speed limit, also the allowed speed limit or the symbol "radar-controlled section"
  • at places with a high risk of slippery road, the suitable traffic sign can be switched on whenever the temperature drops below 2°C


  • the traffic signs contain high-intensity LEDs and are approved according to EN 12966-1 and EN 12899-1 for use on roads
  • LED diodes are supplied by low current, which guarantees a long life of the traffic sign preserving its optical parameters for many years
  • LED luminous intensity is controlled automatically depending on the surrounding light or it can be controlled manually
  • sizes of the traffic signs as well as power supply can be designed upon your request


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1-800-100210 VMS traffic sign LED - B20a 50km/h, 700mm pc. Price inquiry

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