Traffic cone with lamp DKL-50 LED

Traffic cone with LED lamp keeps flashing nonstop for up to 100 hours

Traffic cone with lamp for quick highlighting of an obstacle in traffic (accident, parked vehicle) or current situation in traffic.

  • LED lamp ø200mm EN 12352 L8H
  • the lamp is placed on a 50cm high traffic cone
  • a handle enables to carry the traffic cone easily
  • electronics automatically reduce luminous intensity at night
  • moreover, the electronics include reverse polarity protection and protect the battery from deep discharge
  • the cone includes a battery placed inside and a recharging connector to connect the charger (the charger is not a part of the delivery of the traffic cone with lamp)
  • the battery is recharged via connector without having to be removed from the cone

Technical data

Power supply 12V=
Current consumption 12V= day 0,11A     night 0,03A
Average consumption 12V= 1,7Ah / 24 hours
Flashing frequency 60/min.
Dimensions (WxHxL) 280x700x280mm
Weight 5,4kg


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